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                              LUNCH BREAK ACTIVITIES


30 mn

Professional routine sometimes puts our body to the test and limits our capacity for action and concentration. However, our body remains our best ally to find the balance, if we give it the means.

Breath is the interface between the body and the mind. Each of our thoughts, actions or emotions influences our breathing. Conversely, each of our breaths has the ability to influence our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

By learning to breathe, we learn to relax our body, our mind and our emotions, and we can gain mental clarity to make the right decisions.

By relaxing the muscles to relax our body, we allow oxygen to penetrate deeper into us and gain vitality.



The majority of employees spend a third of their lives in front of a screen in a sitting position. However, human body is not made to be seated such a long term period of time.

Therapeutic body movement allows one to learn to feel one's body in order to learn to recognize its rigidities, its blockages and above all its needs. Here, we let the body speak by performing all kinds of exercises that first allow the mind to relax. Through breathing, free dance, bioenergetics, visualization and music, we unblock encapsulated energies and tensions to give more space to the more spontaneous and less conditioned part of our being.

This one hour-long course allows your employees to focus on themselves and their feelings while moving their bodies. It also creates a bond in a different way, in  good mood and  mutual respect.