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sam. 25 févr.



Rediscover the joy of living

Connect deeply with yourself even in the midst of your fast-paced life

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Rediscover the joy of living
Rediscover the joy of living

Heure & Lieu

25 févr., 14:30 – 17:30

Walferdange, 15 A Am Becheler, 7213 Walferdange, Luxembourg

A propos

What would it be worth to you if you were able to shift from disconnection, overwhelm and stress to joy,

satisfaction and fulfillment?

Even if you live a fast-paced lifestyle, you can connect deeply with yourself and learn how to shift your

inner world for more balance, alignment and contentment.

YOU are your most valuable asset, and it's time you find a way back to yourself.

In this experiential embodiment workshop you will:

- Explore and embody your habitual day-to-day rhythm, and how it's impacting you

- Learn how to shift your inner states to find more balance and calm

- Learn how you can cultivate more presence by working skillfully with your overthinking monkey


- Embody a new way of being that will spark more joy in your everyday

- Experience fun and playful embodied resourcing practices to help you feel empowered and at

home in your body

Silvija and Marie-Line will offer you a safe and nourishing space to explore deepening connection with

yourself through creativity and aliveness.

You will experience a new way of being that you'll be able to immediately integrate into your daily life.

Registration is mandatory to attend the workshop.

80 euros 

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