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“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein 

At a time of sustainability, organizations are facing a real challenge to broaden their awareness  and not only take into account economic issues, but also environmental and human issues.  I accompany you on the human level, to go beyond a simply "resource" vision of collaborators but tend towards a "potential" vision. What is an organization but the sum of its collaborators? Imagine an organization where everyone could unleash their full potential ... Being effective should no longer be detrimental to our mental, physical and emotional well-being. It is possible to be successful and effective by being happy to be! 


Employees today no longer see their profession as a single source of economic income, but as a way to bring their talents to life and contribute to society. As a result, boundaries between professional and personal life are increasingly blurred and work is an important part to individual fulfillment. Corporate social responsibility is rooted in employees self-development. Let's dare to ask the question of pleasure and motivation at work and make today's organizations a center for human potential development because building responsible and sustainable organizations is a real challenge. It's time to dare change!

A successful employee is a creative, curious, spontaneous worker who knows how to adapt to change and who, above all, loves his job because he finds in it a personal meaning. If it is its own responsibility to want to develop its potential, today's companies, if they want to deploy a win-win approach, must accompany this approach to combine happiness and performance by giving them the means.

My approach is based on an active and involving pedagogy of the participants, on the use of the body as a tool of self-knowledge and on the use of the two brains, namely the rational and the emotional, to get out of the traditional training patterns. Knowledge is only transformed into real understanding and awareness once it is experienced internally. By being not only intellectual, but also emotional and physical, it becomes integral, and the individual feels fuller. This is called well-being.

The majority of suffering cases at work arise from a relationship matter, whether with the organization, with a department, a line manager or a colleague. We all build our armour since we are children to protect ourselves from rejection and suffering and we continue to use it sometimes in an unsuitable context and where the danger exists only in our representation of reality. Coming out of this armour is to be truly in relationship, without that wall that separates us from the other , so we can really move forward.

What I propose is a well-being approach at work dedicated to the humans who compose it, not to forget that they are simply human. And as humans, they need to reconnect with themselves to offer their true potential, not only the one expected by the organization in search of performance, but the one which allows them to perform without suffering, but being happy to be ! Each of the activities I propose, whether in lunchtime activities, training workshops or individual counselling, have the same goal: develop self-awareness. To see oneself, to observe oneself, to emerge from automatisms in order to be able to open up one's vision of oneself, others, and organization. And when we open our vision, what was perceived as a threat can be seen as an opportunity for growth for oneself, others, and the organization.