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Integrative Body Therapy is a body-mind approach which main objective is to develop your self-awareness by relaxing the mind and letting the body speak, to gradually guide you to your most essential, deeper being, and contact with your full potential.



Created in Spain by Antonio Pacheco, it is inspired by Eastern and Western philosophies, humanistic psychology, psychotherapy and body therapies, and understands the human being in a holistic way, working at the same time the mind, the emotions and the body.



Since our birth, the experiences we live are gradually registering in our body. We progressively build our personality or ego, and by the same, our body armour, to protect ourselves from rejection and to present ourselves to the world in order to be accepted and loved. Even if our armour is useful because it protects us from the pain of rejection, it anaesthetises us by automating us and we lose contact with our more essential, deeper being.

This loss of connection means that we're no longer in contact with our essential needs, with what really drives us and fills us, and that's why we fell empty or not satisfied.



Unlocking the body armour enables the free expression of emotions, from which may arise this naturally spontaneous, unconditioned and essential part of ourselves. We then recover the energy that was blocked, and our natural vitality, to finally feel fully alive.



By learning to understand your personality or armour, you will be able to go deeper into yourself and reconnect with these forgotten parts of yourself, as your natural impulses of union, spontaneity, knowledge and creativity, common to every human being.
Through the body where your story is memorised but also through self-observation, you will gradually learn to get in contact with your deep, naturally loving, free, creative and spontaneous being.