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Formerly a human resources professional, I felt the need to begin a real work of self-discovery by becoming a mother. The question of meaning and return to myself was felt, to take me to a professional reconversion as a therapist.


By deciding to train me in body-mind therapy, I had to face many fears, to contact with parts of myself even repressed and rejected but it is by welcoming them that I learned to get in touch with my deep being.


The opening of my armor has broadened my consciousness: of my being, of others and of the world in general. This larger vision allows me today to live fully who I am without judgment, which allows me to dare to be myself! I feel fuller, more alive, more free and my relationships are more fulfilling.


Today, my profession fills me deeply thanks to my patients who teach me every day a little more by opening up to themselves.


I wish to offer you my experience as a therapist but also my life experience, to accompany you to dare to be yourself, by contacting your body, your mind, your emotions, so that you can finally recover your full potential and be simply who you are, freely.