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Nowadays, it is not easy to balance professional and personal life and schedules are more and more loaded. Flexibility at work is a result of this concern and tries to find solutions to respond to this new way of living.


Providing the opportunity for your employees to consult directly at their workplace will allow them to have a space of reconnection with themselves in all confidentiality.


Whether for a one-off support, to help overcome a suffering or a relationship problem in the professional or personal area, therapeutic support allows to take distance to find constructive solutions for oneself and others.


It makes possible to highlight the construction of the reality in which each patient participates and which makes him suffer. By becoming aware of it, he can then understands his own influence on others and his dysfunctional attempts to find a healthier way of being in relationship.




Opt for an experimental and participative approach first and foremost: knowledge is transformed into awareness only when it is experienced internally.

By listening to the messages of our body and our environment, such as physical or relationship problems, fears, etc., we are brought back to respect ourselves and others. These messages help us to become aware of the causes of our blockages in order to transform them to find:


· On the physical level: more energy and vitality


· On the emotional level: motivation, better relationships, autonomy


· On the mental level: the understanding, the knowledge and the methods to create our professional life rather than to undergo it


The experimental approach allows participants to find solutions on their own thanks to a better knowledge of themselves.




Anyone in good shape and in good health works better and with pleasure. When health professionals recommend more physical activity outside the workplace, and as schedules keep filling, I suggest to tackle this problem at the root: at work.


Lunch break is often an opportunity for employees to give themselves the time they do not have outside working hours. Offer them activities that allow them to relax and put their bodies in motion while acquiring tools of body awareness, so that they are more aware of their needs.


If you identify a specific concern in your teams to which you want to bring a new vision, I create for you workshops including the body-mind approach.